MAGIX Content Creator Bundle & MAGIX Content Creator Pro Bundle

okt 21, 2022

Brug af softwaren er en glimrende måde at motivere studerende og elever til at tænke kreativt om kursusindholdet. Det giver dem også færdigheder, som vil gavne dem senere i deres arbejdsliv.

The software is an excellent way of motivating students and pupils to think creatively about the course content. It also provides them with skills that will benefit them later in their working lives. To enhance your lectures and courses with multimedia content today or support your students in creating their professional quality productions.

What’s included in MAGIX Content Creator Bundle?

  • Movie Studio 2023 Platinum: Create videos from treasured memories in no time, thanks to numerous templates and wizards.
  • Samplitude Music Studio 2023: offers templates for projects in all genres, from raw folk to refined pop. Rich sounds form a foundation for new tracks. Just let the beat flow.
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Premium: Match professional loops and melodies from any musical genre with Song Maker AI.
  • XARA Photo & Graphic Designer 19: robust tools for optimization, correction, and retouching, you can transform your photos into true masterpieces.

What’s included in MAGIX Content Creator Pro Bundle?

  • VEGAS Post 20: The ultimate toolset for the modern creator VEGAS Post is a complete production suite with seamless integration.
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 16 is the ideal software for musicians, producers, and sound designers for sample-accurate editing, restoration, post-production & mastering.
  • Samplitude Pro X7: Develop new ideas entirely from inception to the finished arrangement in Samplitude.
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Premium: new creative possibilities: Give your songs more depth, add reverb, and mix and master just like in the studio.
  • XARA Designer Pro X 19: delivers a unique combination of desktop publishing, web design, image editing, and graphic design in a single workspace like no other.

* This license is an Electronic Software Download (ESD) volume license 10 users/12 months subscription for Schools, Colleges, and Universities.